Hon Lik: the man who invented vaping

Hon Lik No, the world of electronic cigarettes would be a very different place. Born in September 1951, Lik is the man responsible for the invention of modern e-cigarette when, in 2001, he began working on a device that delivers a nicotine hit without the need for airistech vaporizer cigarette smoking.

“I knew it would be a revolutionary product,” he told El Espectador in an interview in 2015. “Some in China have called the fifth invention – after sailing, gunpowder, printing and paper. But that’s too much. “

In these early days, Lik’s invention was markedly different from those we are familiar with. Instead of a heating element, which is now used for heating the vapor and liquid-products and the user inhale, initial design Lik made use of an ultrasonic piezoelectric element. It was bigger and bulkier than the vapers airistech herbva e-cigarette design have become accustomed to today, but it was a significant start.

“In 2001 he devised a system in a large console, using food additives such as solvents,” Lik told French scientific journal Sciences et Avenir in 2013. “At that time I was working on airistech nokiva vaporization ultrasound, but the drops formed were too great to resemble smoke snuff. This technology is used for example in some humidifiers for domestic use; which involves making a metal diaphragm vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency in a liquid to create microdroplets then to contact air at room temperature, forming a kind of cold steam “.

As the months passed, the idea of ​​Lik was refined and smaller a device, more practical than using a heating element that was patented in China in 2003. In 2004, electronic cigarettes reach the market first through Chinese company Ruyan, who worked for Hon. In 2005, he began exporting Ruyan relx pod e-cigarette outside China, and in 2007 he entered the US market.

They were a quick success. By 2014, worldwide sales of vaping devices were worth just under $ 5 billion, and expects that number to increase rapidly over the next few years, reaching more than $ 15 billion in 2019. Most sales They come from the country of origin of the Lik in China, with the US contributing the second highest level of sales and Japan, Russia and Germany making up the rest of the top five.

In 2013, he joined Lik Fontem Ventures, the parent company of blue, in order to continue development and innovation in the field of the vape relx e-cig, a goal that is sure to get. And what is your goal going forward? “My true passion, like many other inventors,” he told The Guardian, “is to leave something behind trace.”

Find more information about Hon Lik in the exclusive interview with the man himself blu.

More Proof Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

New research presented at the nicotine and tobacco research conference, SRNT in Munich, showed – yet again – that e-cigarettes are helping those who are addicted to smoking tobacco. Senior Lecturer Alexis Bailey presented preliminary results to industry experts from his observational study, “SmokeFreeBrain”, which looked at the effect that switching from pod relx smoking to vaping for 28 days, had on heavy smokers.

The team measured several parameters including psychometric, cardiovascular, quality of life, brain activity, and biomarkers of toxicity. Findings from the 31 subjects who completed the study showed subtle but significant changes in psychometric parameters and a considerable reduction in biomarkers of toxicity.

More Proof Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes also reduced the craving to smoke and affected brain regions associated with addiction. Exposure to nicotine was also significantly reduced and prominent harm reduction was demonstrated by the following switching to  Airis Dabble e-cigarettes. Dr. Bailey said of the study: “Our preliminary findings support electronic cigarettes as an effective way of stopping smoking, quickly inducing beneficial changes in various measures of psychometric health and the craving to smoke.”

Smoking rates are falling in western countries, including the United States and the UK, but cigarettes continue to be the leading cause of preventable death. When tobacco users stop relx cigarette smoking, the associated health risks start diminishing, with scientists agreeing the longer the period of abstinence, the better the health outcome for each former smoker.

Landmark research from Public Health England (PHE) and the UK-based Royal College of Physicians earlier this year showed that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than cigarettes. PHE has recently re-stated this position, saying that  Dry herb vaporizer e-cigarettes represent a fraction of the harm of cigarettes and arguing that smokers should be encouraged to switch to e-cigarettes.

The news comes a month after new research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that smoking rates can be brought down further with the free provision of electronic cigarettes. Researchers in Glasgow, Scotland found that giving tobacco users Airis Dabble e-cigarettes helped them smoke fewer cigarettes and have more ‘smoke-free days’ each month. The 90-day trial also resulted in 37% of the 72 adult smokers involved in the study abstaining from cigarettes completely.

Professor Neil McKeganey, Director of Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR), which conducted the study, said: “Our data show that it is possible to facilitate significant behavioral change on the part of smokers as a result of providing them with access to high-quality e-cigarette products, at least for a short period of time.”

Vaping temperature for Optimizing E-juice concentrates and Weed

Many vapers like to use devices that give them more control over the performance of the unit. This program includes temperature control. While some are fried programmed with pre-set temperatures, some give users the option to choose an exact degree of a wide range. This allows the vaper customize their vaping experience to their liking.

Best temperature to vape E-juice

E-liquid, commonly referred to as vape relx vape juice, is a popular medium vaper. E-liquids are evaporated mods usually with e-cigs and vape tanks. Sometimes these units allow vapers to choose an exact temperature. Other times, users can select Settings only from a few different predetermined areas, or they do not get to choose a heat at all. Many box mods and e-cigs but have a temperature control function, controlled more often than not, they are about performance.

A benefit is a unit of power that is supplied to the coils. The heat rises overtime when the power is applied. Higher power settings cause the set temperature to increase faster. Since the interior of rapid heating, the steam will increase, this is obtained as e-liquid and other media evaporated. The faster or slower juice becomes steam, the other turned it tastes.

The best temperature to vape E-juice

The standard program is evaporated for juice 212 °-482 ° F (100-250 ° C). Apart from that, the lower part of this range (212 ° F to 300 ° F) should probably be avoided. Steam is evaporated to such a low level weak, tasteless produce. The best place to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a relatively low temperature even for vaping e-liquids. Towards the middle of this range is 390 ° to 420 °. 420 degrees will provide cool, yet substantial results. The steam consistency feels thin and refreshing and is smoother to newer vape lungs.

Low to medium levels will enable the optimum relx pod flavor. But if this is not enough heat, trying a temperature of higher range. Temperatures ranging from 420 degrees to 450 degrees range usually offer hits that are significant, but not too warm. Above 450 ° F, E juice will lose the majority of its taste, and possibly even burnt taste. With an inferior device, these high temperatures are likely to cause a lot of coughing.

Whether it has a small electronic vape pen or a full-fledged e-rig, ‘some heat level is the same effect on concentrates such as wax, hash, and split. Most vaporizers for use with wax, which starts at 315 ° F have an area. This is because the wax is not evaporated until it is approaching about 315 degrees. A good selection for vaping concentrates is usually from 315 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact dimensions a vaper selects this area is ever based on your preference. The center of the area will ensure the best flavor and consistency. Lower settings are less powerful but potentially refreshing, and higher temperatures feel more intense.

Best temperature for vaping concentrates

Controlling the degree of the nail with a rig traditional dab is airistech herbva quite difficult, and this often results in people their wax burns like to vaporize it. accidentally as though all that, many of the psychotropic compounds in wax are destroyed. The wax can let go of even dangerous carcinogens.

People will often evaporate concentrates at higher temperatures because it makes the assumption that the impact is stronger. Realistically, the hits from the top of the area and beyond are less effective and potentially dangerous.

This is why most portable airistech nokiva vaporizers that Vaporizes wax do in degrees Fahrenheit below 430 like that. However, it is a good idea to keep wax vaping as 365 degrees Fahrenheit below a mean temperature. This will ensure the purest, most flavorful vape session. It will also ensure the highest quality of health during the vaping experience.

Best temperature to vape Weed

In dry herb vaping, it is important to airistech vaporizer to remember that different temperatures will consistently bring about different effects. Especially effects of CBD and THC. When the heat is set higher, the herb is evaporating faster, and more of it evaporates at once. More CBD and THC is a vapor.

This is because heat of at least 390 ° F is required to evaporate the CBD and THC. It is only after this vapers set temperature it reaches the absorption of CBD and THC in the lungs really optimize. Towards the end of a session, vapers can increase their temperature slightly. The highest one is to be vaper successfully completed, at 428 ° F. The user will have been able to extract all possible effects from the CBD and THC in the weeds when they start low and the way to heat up in this.

Best Vaporizers: Dry Herb, Wax, Dab, Oil Vape Pens

Vaping has revolutionized the way we consume nicotine, but not only nicotine. If you use marijuana for medical reasons or recreationally, there are plenty of benefits for your weed vaping instead. But the market is so flooded with options to find the best vaporizer is not easy. With so many different types of marijuana vaporizer – of the dried herb vaporizer desk to weed vaporizer pen – and different types of materials that can be vaped, there is much to consider. So how do you find the best vaporizer or vaporizer pen grass?

We have put together specific guidelines to find the best portable to airis vape vaporizer dry grass, pen, and best vaporizer desk, but this introduces vaporizer’s place, gives some statistics about finding the right Vaporizer for your needs, proposals for information on main types of the vaporizer and more.

Dry grass Vaporizers Explanation

Dry grass Vaporizers Explanation

A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats up something into steam without causing combustion (ie, smoke). The best-known vaporizers are e-liquid vaporizers, also known as e-cigarettes, but vaporizers weed dry herb vaporizer vaporizers wax and vaporizers oil THC are also common, as well as devices that snuff vaporize rather than burn (often called non-heat devices -burn).

A marijuana vaporizer generally has a heating chamber, which rises to a specified temperature to vaporize marijuana users inhaling. Adjusting the temperature affects choose the compounds of marijuana way into steam. If you are looking for the best vaporizer weed, one that you can choose from various temperature settings it is essential.

Other marijuana vaporizers work a little differently. Some types of pen vape weeds are specifically intended for oils, and these work more like traditional Nokia e-cigarettes with a small chamber for the oil and a coil arrangement-y-wick to vaporize. Other options are called pens vaporizer wax, and these tend to have coils as traditional e-cigarettes, but there is a tank because the wax is applied directly to the side of the heating coil.

Weed vaporizers are legal?

For most countries, the answer is yes. In countries like the US, drug paraphernalia is illegal, but the misters can be sold as long as they are advertised as snuff or herbs for aromatherapy. In fact, many marijuana vaporizers portable devices are described as portable aromatherapy. They can not be sold to people under 18, though.

Marijuana vaporizers types

Before examining the contenders for best relx pods vaporizers, it is important to note that there are a few different types of vaporizers. The easiest way to differentiate between types of vaporizers marijuana is by size.

What is a vaporizer desktop

Larger devices called “desktop vaporizers” and as the name suggests, these are intended to be placed on a table before being used. They tend to be quite large, and are fed by a plug socket and the wall. The volcano is a particularly well known cannabis vaporizer a desktop instance.

Like most marijuana vaporizers that allow you to choose the setting temperature and the change in the heating chamber relx e cig vaporizer starts. Desktop vaporizers usually have a balloon or bag that is filled with steam to be inhaled or “whip” system in which inhaled from the device directly through a tube. They are ideal for vapers who stay at home while vaping but are far from being practical for use outside the home. These units can also be quite expensive to buy.

Portable vaporizers dry herbs

Portable vaporizers dried herbs are much smaller than their desktop counterparts. They tend to be approximately the size of a vape mod, having a camera or on top of the bottom of the body for dry grass and are powered by an internal battery. Pax various devices are some of the best known portable dry grassBest Vaporizers: Dry Herb, Wax, Dab, Oil Vape Pens

E-cigarettes Are Bad For The Lungs And Oral

Is it harmful to your lungs?

Smoking is known to cause damage to inhalation lungs. The long term burning tobacco can lead to lung cancer and esophagus and lead to a variety of fatal lung diseases such as emphysema, chronic, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease bronchitis (COPD). but what about e-cigarettes?
attacks Cigarette smoke in the lungs in nokiva in several ways. It contains thousands of chemicals, more than 70 are known carcinogens. It also contains particulate matter (tiny fragments of burning tobacco and paper) that settle in the bottom of the lungs and can be buried in tissues .e-cigarettes produce no known amounts of carcinogens, but risks exist, not including solid particles such as smoke.
In fact, the most dangerous thing about burning tobacco in the e-smogging is that no e-cigarettes do not burn all. Because, no carbon monoxide or tar – two other major dangers USES smoking. Atomization heat from the coil to convert the e-liquid in a respirable aspect aerosol. It like relx pods smoke, but it says not. That atomization is not without the potential risks of lung health.
There are concerns about the composition of e-liquid: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Although depth studies of PG inhalation in animals caused no risk, there have been no studies serious human effects of inhaling PG or VG was found on a long period of time.PG causes minor respiratory irritation.

Is it harmful to oral health?

Smoking causes and contributes to a variety of problems. During oral health, it is well known that smokers have a  relx e cig higher risk of developing cancers of the mouth, throat, and esophagus. But cigarettes can also cause diseases dental and periodontal including gum disease.  airis vape cigarette smoke can alter the bacteria (microbiome) in the mouth, making the information more severe. Little existing periodontal disease is available on the medical side effects of e-moyamotization on health. Recent oral literature published in the Journal of oral pathology and medicine, summarized the state of science, noting that “the evidence is not. “
An existing small study suggests  dry herb vaporizer that smoking may increase the incidence of stomatitis nicotine (which, curiously, is not caused by nicotine), a disease caused by the heat that causes damage in the mouth. This is a secondary condition that usually resolves itself when the heat source (usually pipe) is removed.
A small study examined the oral microbiome of 10 smokers, 10 smokers, and 10 e-cigarette not smokers. The bacterial characteristics of smokers were found to be similar to those of the control group non-smoking / smoking, but there were significant differences in oral bacterial characteristics of e-cigarette users. The researchers concluded that the vapor did not change the microbiome. Of course, the study is too small to draw general conclusions.

Internal Structure Of Electronic Atomizer

In the context of e-cigarette, e-cigarette atomizer will be dismantled in detail what time. Mainly the drip nozzle, combustion tank, atomizing, inlet port, a heating wire, the guide hole oil, and cotton to explain in detail.

Internal structure of electronic atomizer
  1. Spray Drying Tank
    Smog is composed of smoke silk spray oil mist spray and air, produced by the mixture of atomized storage space determines the vapor and air on the weight of plus and minus, yarn heat in a data set steam spray variables are actually very small, the steam is occupied part of the location of the spray warehouse, the remaining space of the air mixed with steam so that it can be assumed, relx group  50 ml of coke collapsed in a cup of 100 ml and pouring into a glass 200 ml, 50 ml of coke is 50 ml, respectively, the remaining 50 ml and 100 ml of water to supplement, is it true that the more water you add to the cup of Coke unless it tastes? The same is true for the steam chamber. The more air you add steamed, the less the smell of smoke will be.
    Explanation of the internal structure of the electronic atomizer
  2. air intake hole
    The air inlet is divided into the external adjustable part and the non-adjustable inner part. The externally adjustable hole in the composite part of the air inlet opening hole and the adjusting ring outside the e-cigarette atomizer. The internal irregularness is a path through which air passes after the part external irregularness. The external adjustable control the intake air quantity in a certain period of time, while the internal non-adjustable portion determines the amount of air entering the outside. And from the third point, we know that the more air enters the less dense relx vape smoke atomization chamber, the greater the amount of smoke produced. So we know that the relationship between the amount of air and the smoke is more than the air you take, the more the air you have, the more you smoke, you smoke less and have more mixed out. The intake is, the opposite is true.
    Explanation of the internal structure of the electronic atomizer
  3. Heating Wire
    heating wire in the detailed rules for all aspects here is not to say, many articles have science here to say is wire. Through heating volume the third point, we understand the influence of space in the spray  airistech herbva  tank of smoke. Then, the factor of the volume of the hot wire determines the space occupied by the amount of steam and air, which is why the higher the volume of the spray container, the larger the hot wire is. When the filament occupies a certain amount of space, the remaining space will be occupied by air. Then the volume of the filament determines the amount of space the air can occupy.
  4. Oil guide hole and cotton
    The oil guide hole, as its name implies, determines the amount of cottonseed oil that can be absorbed and the rate at which cotton is filled with cotton smoke. In full of smoke atomization of measuring the amount of oil smoke oil enough heat wire is sufficient, fast guide oil can ensure that each atomization of the amount of heat wire smoke oil are sufficient, cotton slow conduction oil appears on the smoke have not enough oil to result in smaller steam airistech nokiva heat wire atomization even stick cotton, less steam will cause the increase in the volume of air, shedding light smoke.
    In explaining the internal structure of theairistech vaporizer electronic cigarette atomizer, it will be a great help to smokers who do not know very well. As electronic cigarettes can be seen from the above points, the intensity of the e-cigarette smoke related to the size of the atomizing chamber and air inlet, and the length of the flue, the greater the fineness smoke level, the greater the sense of hierarchy. So all e-cigarette has its own structure, not just a random design.