How Does Voopoo Vaporizer Work?

Voopoo are a very popular and well loved Juice brand. They have starter packs, mods, chucks and even some much more advanced small hand held devices. So stick with the basics and get through all the questions at the start to get yourself set up. In this article we look at voopoo vinci.


It uses a patented technology called Gene chip technology. It works in conjunction with the airflow conditioner that was already part of the original product. The gene chip was a very clever addition because it allows multiple genes to be programmed in such a way that your VW car will be specific to your exact requirements. It can control your headlights, boost, temperature control and so much more. The great thing is that the chip is easy to install.

VOOPOO VINCI is a new product from VOOPOO. It is a mod for your VW i.e VW Bug or any other VW car. It modifies your VW car’s ventilation system by increasing airflow by 40% in some cases. This increases your VW’s fuel efficiency and also improves your car’s thermal efficiency. You can expect your car to have an increase in acceleration and top speed. It’s a mod that many VW car owners have been asking for.

If you want to see what the voopoo can do for you, simply add some water into the tank of the mod and then activate the airflow conditioner and set the temperature control mode. Turn it on and then add a tablespoon of juice into the tank. Leave it alone for five minutes. Next, test the battery to make sure it still has juice in it.

This is actually a brilliant idea, because if you used your VW car whilst not on the road, it would be impossible to tell if the chip was installed. However, with the recent worldwide scare when a couple of car alarms went off, there was a lot of negative publicity about how easy it was to disable these alarms. The Gene chip has eliminated this as now you can simply open your glove box and take it out. You’ll immediately see the port for the Gene chip and the air vents. No one needs to know that the voopoo is in your car.

The second type of battery which is used in most of the vapes created by voopoo is called a gene mod. A gene kit works in a very simple way. When you start the device it reads the milliamp meter and then adjusts the airflow accordingly. It then displays the current voltage level which will tell you how much vaporizer you have left.

There are two different types of batteries which work in conjunction with the voopoo. The first type of battery is referred to as a pod tank. Pod tanks work in a very simple way. You just fill the pod tank with water, let it sit and then drain it again. When the water starts to rise, it indicates you have enough juice in the pod tank. The pod serves as a reservoir so you won’t have to worry about overfilling the tank again and it also has an accurate readout to ensure you get the proper wattage for the type of mod you are using.

If you want to refill the gene sub-ohm tank, all you have to do is add in another three tablespoons of water and then activate the airflow again. After you do this, you simply repeat the process until you run out of vaporizer. Using the gene mod is a breeze. All you have to do is activate it and place the container holding the fruit juice. When the screen reads “Vaporizing”, simply allow these juice to pass through the coil and into the sub-ohm tank. Replacing your old one is that simple, and the quality you receive from the new one will be worth the money you spend on it.