Comment about Vaporesso Renova Zero : Pod Kit style vape

Vapeciga renova zero is one of the most popular systems on the market. With the backing of a Vaporesso reputation and include OMNI chips, zero Renova could be a pod system waiting respected. With so many on the market, however, strong competition, and this little man will make a great impression, if you want to stand out and survive.

Dimensions: 75 x 40 x 16 mm
Pod capacity: 6 ml
Battery: Built-in 650mAh
Watt Output Range: 7 – 12.5W


Mini Smart OMNI Board chipset
Automatic temperature control
low liquid detection
Based on the direct output voltage
press filling system
CCELL Vaporesso coil technology




adjustable watt
Push-to-fill system
good flow enough air


“This is a pod system, not much to it! “

fried DJLsb


a funnel that is super comfortable
Including bottles for filling sheaths
50:50 ease with fluid loss, taste ranging 60-40
design similar to Infinix
adjustable watt
transparent sheath, it is easy to control the levels of juice
the batteries are good for the size and power
The cost is only 40 minutes


high salt content MG nic must obtain throat blow
fresh spray
No replacement coils
They do not regulate the air flow

mike fog


New system to push the stuffing
even bottles for easy filling
Switch on switch off
Watt adjustable parameters
The good taste


Primary Puff need to get a good shot
Almost no shot in the throat 25 mg salt nic
A pod included

My first impression after a shot to vapeciga vaporesso gen is that it has a weight that is absolutely wonderful for him. It feels like it weighs the amount appropriate for their size, and feels very sturdy. shell zinc alloy in a mod that has a textured black rubber version I received, that feels good.Both seem more beautiful and do not look as beautiful as the Mi-Pod. First, look smart, like Apple phone against a brick. I-pod, but quite attractive in appearance and almost no one could be considered boring. Different styles, obviously, but I think for many people, solid look and feel of wins to zero. Simply press the filler e-liquid nozzle bottle to the port, opening the valve, and then gently squeeze the bottle you. Obviously, the juice comes in a dropper bottle need to define avoid chaos and vapeciga swag kit vape are equipped with 10 ml bottle by hand for this reason.

The pods also contain the porous ceramic shaft, instead of the usual cotton wick. ceramic wick wick lasts longer than cotton because they are more resistant to heat, and I found that these people produce a good enough taste. There was a leak of the device, which was expected (and low) in the air condensing in the sheath.

These sleeves are perfect for a nic juice high salt resistance, but it is reasonable to use anything containing PG 40% or more. I enjoyed the 13th floor of the Elevapors lemonade with ice in mine.

This short mod on 650mAh battery that lasts more than a day of use, and cost less than 45 minutes. The hooks pass through the loading device, so, which means that can be used during charging.

On board show new vaporesso target pm80, designed specifically for pods, means that the device is very consistent, and the board also includes some very impressive features that I do not think that was present in another pods’ve seen. I will detail the features here:

Heat – Device to draw more power than the first, to uniformly heat the temperature of the coil quickly.
low liquid level – The apparatus automatically detects when the reservoir is empty and function, and refuses to fire.
Security Protection – overload, short, low resolution, empty, low transfer voltage

This combination means you can reasonably do what you want with this tool, and should not be touched dry. He seems to know.

There is one good thoughts and detailed than I have ever seen. That said, this little system is very nice to use, especially if the basic equipment before it is used. Simply fill the capsule with a simple filling, wait a few minutes and then blow a mod pod and shooting. If you are disabled, you must enable it.

The third level of power, the Vaporesso GTX click in sent a good cold steam, and the highest level is quite clear. Very impressed with what you can output device.

Almost full of green, blue in the middle, and red is low. If you remember, the only complaint I had Mi-Pod is that the light was difficult to see while sliding on the device, so I like that.

pod carried by a polished sufficiently strong magnet, stronger than the pods are kept if you pick it up and shake it with peas, but it is easy to remove when desired. Still it will fly if you drop well.

In conclusion, it should be one of the most fun I’ve used dizzy. the build quality is excellent, and I have not had one bad experience with it. Ease of use and excellent appearance, and now can not find a reason for anything else use.

Another series of tests fairly obvious. If you have advantages and disadvantages, not make things clearer for you, do not worry – we’re here to break it all for you and let you know whether you should take more interest in zero pods get code. first against talking.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem with this system, you only get a single pod in the package, which is disappointing because there is certainly no reason not to include them. Receives no regulated air stream, or the reel is replaced. While it is an optional addition to the duct system, which are increasingly common. Watts is also the configuration to something questionable without adjustable air flow, since most tend to vapers set the parameters at once. More power = more air flow, etc. Although not essential to the function of the nacelle of the system, it is disappointing to still see businesses skimp on features that many of us really appreciate.

It Renova zero is not bad; There are many things for her too. On the one hand, very good is achieved, almost great, flavor, especially if vaping 50/50 nic salt and liquid. Anything thicker which will cost you a little taste. Fortunately, vapeciga vaporesso luxe mod not go ahead and that includes reusable bottles for this purpose. Despite the need for exclusive material loading juice bottle mail is the kind of pain, including review of the bottle is greatly appreciated.At the end of the day, if you need to zero Renova? It is a difficult argument to make, but it can definitely be done. For the pod system, which has a good flavor, but the terms are pretty hard to ignore. You should use a 50/50 nicotine salt VG / PG with at least 30 mg of nicotine. must also pay the e-liquid in the bottle was before the filling. Once done, you end up with a vaporizer that was not bad, but definitely a bit cold and lacking suddenly we came to expect salt nic devices. On the other hand, if you’re a fan and become adjustable Vaporesso watts, this is not the worst pod system there. But to answer the questions posed in the introduction, Renova Zero has not done enough to Excel. In the bigger picture, which is another pod.

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