During the action, the Muping District Market Supervision Bureau and the District

On August 21st, in order to further strengthen the supervision of the e-cigarette market and effectively protect minors from e-cigarettes, on August 20, the Muping District Market Supervision Bureau and the Muping District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau carried out the “Guardian Growth” throughout the district “Special rectification actions for electronic cigarettes.

During the action, the Muping District Market Supervision Bureau and the District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau delivered relevant notices and the “Prohibition of Selling Electronic Cigarettes to Minors” signs to e-cigarette operators, and completed the posting on the spot; further strengthen publicity and education, and guide the surrounding areas E-cigarette operators take the initiative to remove e-cigarettes; investigate and punish illegal activities such as selling e-cigarettes to minors and selling e-cigarettes online, increase exposure, and create a “zero tolerance” social atmosphere for illegal sales of e-cigarettes to minors . Up to now, 245 merchants have been inspected and 130 notices have been posted.

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Online, the Muping District Market Supervision Bureau also urged e-commerce platforms to conduct self-inspection and rectification in accordance with the requirements of relevant announcements. At the same time, they carried out “carpet-style” search and inspection, and promptly discovered and shut down websites and online shops selling e-cigarettes on the platform, and companies that have been inspected There are more than 100 official websites and 50 online shops.

In the next step, the Muping District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase publicity for prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and carry out positive guidance to enterprises in various forms such as door-to-door delivery, concentrated discussion, and administrative guidance, and popularize the “Protection of Minors” The Law, the Electronic Commerce Law, the Circular on Prohibiting the Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors, and the Circular on Further Protecting Minors from Electronic Cigarettes, and other laws and regulations, urge enterprises to perform their legal obligations in accordance with the law.