Go shoping this Black Friday

Black Friday begins in early 2020 because of potential with USPS delays due to Covid-19 and higher sales at the national scale e-commerce. To ensure that our loyal customers Vapor4Life get their products as quickly as possible and avoid USPS delays, we are not waiting until the week of Thanksgiving to kick off our biggest sale of the year.

If you are looking to get a jump on your holiday shopping or just store the winter, the time to act is now. This is not one of those SOON Black Friday is followed by even greater savings on Black Friday. The best deals on eliquids, disposable ecigs, pods of vape, vape mods, ecigarettes and more are available today. And do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter, because we offer great savings all year.



 Black Friday BUY VAPE

At Vapor4Life, we take seriously the comments of customers and provide the best products and services at affordable prices. In response to the USPS rate increase for all customers, we now offer a cheaper shipping option: USPS First-Class Mail®.

Vapor4Life’s customers can now benefit from discount $ 4.95 USPS First Class Mail® for domestic orders in the United States. Regardless of the delivery option selected, Vapor4Life will process and ship orders placed before 16 hours the same day they were received.

Although Mail® first class has different three to five days warranty as USPS Priority Mail®, most regions in the United States have speedy service with this shipping option. Mail® first class commands are always provided with convenient tracking information, allowing customers to track the progress of their order.


We have chosen to offer the possibility USPS First Class® cheaper to offset the new Mail® rate USPS Priority $ 8.45.

USPS Priority Mail® is always a great option for customers with PO boxes and anyone looking for advanced tracking and for their order to be placed directly in their mailbox.

Priority Mail® service includes monitoring and delivery in 1-3 working days. Check delivery time estimates the priority mail delivery card.

USPS Priority Mail EXPRESS®

If you need your vaping supplies hurry, USPS Priority Mail Express is a sure way to receive your package in one to two days every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. If the US Postal Service does not provide your package on time, they pay the full delivery cost for you. Due to USPS rate increases, the price of delivery for priority orders USPS Express Mail is now $ 34.95.



With USPS applying constant pressure on prices, we worked with FedEx to reduce shipping costs for our loyal customers. FedEx has proven to be a more responsive partner than the US Postal Service, and we have reduced the rate 2Day® FedEx on orders US national Vapor4Life $ 9.95.

FedEx offers 2Day® by 4:30 p.m. in 2 business days for most regions (20 hours for the residences). Vapor4Life FedEx orders also next Saturday. This means an order placed before 16 pm on Thursday will be scheduled for delivery on Saturday. Check transit times.

FedEx 2Day® also offers several significant advantages over USPS Priority Mail®. For a complete breakdown of FedEx 2Day® our blog on shipping FedEx 2Day®.


If you are looking for the best service, Vapor4Life offer FedEx Priority Overnight. This option offers the next shipment next working day from 10:30 am to most US addresses; noon, 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. some rural or remote; noon, 1:30 p.m. and 16:30 on Saturdays.

Vapor4Life also provides for the delivery Saturday. This means an order placed before 16 pm on Friday will be scheduled to be delivered the next day.

Working with FedEx, we offer a discounted rate of $ 34.95 for FedEx Priority Overnight, who is the same price as USPS Priority Mail Express.