How do you vapes Burnt Tastes and make it’s to Fixed

high watt
Evaporation power that exceeds the coil limit the e-liquid evaporates too quickly. When this happens, the coil can burn the wick, even if there is no juice. Always stay within the recommended power margins.

Why Vape tastes burned and how to fix it
What causes burns?
When there is no liquid in the liquid core or core rod is insufficient, the atomizer diet can cause burns. No evaporation of the liquid, the coil begins to burn the fuse and the user inhales essentially burning cotton. Some of the smok vape atomizer’s most common causes of burns and suggestions to help avoid these problems.

vape coil

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The high use VG E-Liquid Smok Novo 2
Not all spray atomization is the same. Some spray storage tanks can contain high VG juice while other storage tanks usually require a PG or PG of 50% in order to function properly. A good rule of practice is to check the size of the wick channel. If the hole diameter is small, the water tank can not be well suited to the high TB ​​juice.

The bobbin is well oiled
This is probably the most common problem on the list. irrigation head coil is essentially the wicks dipping process with e-liquid, so they are ready for first use. If you want to avoid burns, always remember to infuse the spool properly.

suck chain
With a continuous inhalation, the wick dries quickly. If you notice a slight smell of toast and the feeling that comes with a candy smell, please temporarily put the vaporizer. This will allow the liquid to cover the tip of the wick dried.

How freezer coil first reservoir
All tanks with coil Vape replaceable heads have roughly the same structure and the same simple steps needed to boot. This process must be repeated each time the coil is replaced.

Install the coil: the stop combustion
Although the idea is the same, the coil boot process varies depending on the equipment used. These are some of the most commonly used methods of vape infusion.

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New coil outlet box
E-drop of the liquid in the drill hole and the coil head (3-4 drops are sufficient)
Fit the water tank and pour the juice RPM2 Kit
Screw your tank in the Ministry of Defense and let stand for 10 minutes
Inhalation fuel tank top without ignition accelerate the process of
Vape for mods with power adjustment function, you must start with the lowest recommended power and increase gradually to find the best position
Note that as more liquid can accumulate inside the coil, you may experience some regurgitation during the first aspiration. Do not go, and you use a variable power module, try to increase the power a few times, but make sure not to exceed the power limit of the coil because it is likely to burn.