How to Upgrade Your AEGIS!

The new Vandy Vapor Genie Smart Pipe combines the best of conventional pipe cleaners with advanced electronic features to create a truly unique product. This innovative electronic cleaner is ideal for professional commercial catering businesses. It can effectively sanitize and clean any liquid without risking damage to your equipment.

aegis boost

The new Vandy Vapor Genie Smart Pipe combines the most advanced technology with a comprehensive range of features to make the most of your cleaning experience. The Aegis Boost Pro is very compact and has an extremely comfortable and elegant feel in conjunction with a durable stainless steel body and an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The new vaporizer is also compatible with the new Vandy Vapor Chamber. The Geekvape Aegis BoostPro Kit is the newest version of this renowned vaporizing system.

The AEGIS boost pro is a smart and easy to use electronic hand sanitizer that uses a dual chamber technology. The Smart Pipe is designed with two separate heating elements, one for medium heat and the other for high heat. There is a button on the side of the unit that will activate a heating element to initiate heating. When the button is pressed, the outer element rotates and heats up the liquid inside the tank. The heating element is then triggered again when the button is pressed to continue to heat up the liquid.

To achieve the optimal results from your AEGIS boost, it is recommended that you use a dual heating element system. You should not attempt to use a single coil system because it is much more difficult to control and may pose a fire hazard. The two main technologies employed in the AEGIS boost are the Geekvape RDT (Reduced Trigger Technology) and the R DS (Digital Decoding). The Geekvape RDT is ideal for those who want to experience the best tasting vapor and rta possible without having to worry about getting an electric mess in their face. The R DS offers a great digital sound quality but can also be a bit harder to control than the RDT.

Using the aegis boost so you will need to connect the usb-c port to your computer through the usb-c port adapters. You will also need to get a power adapter for the microprocessor. When everything is connected and working correctly you can turn your device on and test it.

The next step involves hooking up your digital audio interface (DAI) to your computer via the usb-c port. Once you have completed this step, you can hook the AEGIS boost into your computer through the USB-A port. Your aegis boost will need to stay plugged into your computer until you have completely charged the battery. When the battery is fully charged you can plug the power adapter and microprocessor into your computer. After this step is complete you should see an icon on your control panel for the aegis boost. Open this icon up and you will see a menu for your software that controls the program and settings of your AEGIS.

If you have a particular program or mode selected through the menu, you will have to go into the “cockpit” tab. If you choose a particular mode, for example if you have a skirmish mode, you will have to click on the “select” tab and select “air”, then check the box next to “cockpit”. Once you have selected the mode you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and scroll to “system configuration”. Under this tab you will find the option for selecting the aegis boost coil. Click on it and you will have to click on the “place” tab, and place the AEGIS boost coil into the designated slot.

This completes the process and will allow you to change the wattage, resistance, and even the taste of your AEG. If you are unhappy with any adjustment buttons, you can simply reselect them by clicking on the back of the vaporizer. The system will then verify that all the coils are in place and ready for use. It is important to ensure that the coils are tightened as tightly as possible.