Nearly 11% of American high school students regularly use e-cigarettes.

On August 22, according to foreign news reports, the latest Behavioral Risk Youth Survey (YRBS) issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on August 20 showed that in 2019, nearly 11% of American high school students regularly use e-cigarettes.

YRSB defines “frequently” used as an e-cigarette product consumption at least 20 days from 30 days before the survey. It also distinguishes between the use of the past and current use (at least one day in the 30 days prior to the survey).

YRBS found that 32.7% of high school students are current users of e-cigarettes in 2019, up from 24.1% in 2015. In 2019, 6% of high school students were current smokers, down from 27.5% in 1991. among 6%, 22.2% frequent users.

Last year, the rate of smokeless tobacco use is now among high school students was 3.8%. Nearly 29% of these students regularly consume smokeless tobacco.

Among current users of electronic vapor product under the age of 17, most sources reported borrowing money from others (42.8%). Among current users of e-steam aged 18 or above, the most cited source is purchase in stores (56.4%).

Center for Disease Control and Prevention wrote in a statement that although smoking, cigar smoking and smokeless tobacco use has declined among middle school students, the penetration rate of young people using electronic vapor product alarming. It is necessary to continue to monitor the use of all tobacco products to guide and evaluate public health policies at the local, state, tribal, and national levels.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Children (CFTFK) call for regulatory action.

CFTFK Chairman Matthew L. Myers said that the results from 2019 YRBS released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today is very reminiscent of the seriousness of the epidemic of youth e-cigarettes and showed that policy makers is as urgent as ever to eliminate thousands of millions of children addicted taste, high-nicotine products.