The Uwell Caliburn has the finest selling

The Uwell Caliburn has been one of the finest selling

The Uwell Caliburn has been one of the finest selling sheathing gadgets in recent history, so it comes as no shock that Uwell would revisit the style of it. The Caliburn KOKO is coming out on the heels of a couple of mini-square design skin gadgets that beat it to market.

Uwell KOKO

Well, I just grabbed one off of the shipping pallet we just obtained so I could learn for you!


The Looks

Constructed with the same refined designs you’ve come to like and also recognize from Uwell, the KOKO prime takes a modernist technique to the style. It looks like the jagged side grip factors from the original Caliburn are making a look on the KOKO. They add a wonderful emphasis to the square layout of the shuck framework as well as add a comfortable edge to hold the device from. This covering is built with an incredibly lightweight aluminum shell that’s mainly matte with glossy text.

I believe the approach of making the shuck shade the very same as the text was an interesting layout choice that pays off. I’m a large fan of easy capsule designs and also I believe the KOKO hits all the ideal places.

Like the majority of these square-shaped mini covering gadgets, the KOKO comes outfitted with a cutaway corner developed for a lanyard attachment point. Unlike some of the various other square capsules, the KOKO shell package features a glossy metal chain to attach to your case. That’s a good adjustment from the very cheap cotton and also synthetic lanyards you typically get with these items.

How it Functions

If you liked the initial Caliburn you’re mosting likely to love the KOKO! If you have a few lying about it, I indicate it’s compatible with the original Caliburn sheathings so you may not even require to buy spares. The taste appearing of these hulls is superb, I would claim it’s way better than the SMOK Trinity Alpha which was my pick for finest skin gadget a few months earlier. The superb taste is only half of the draw for me, the other half is the draw-activated shooting!

Unlike some of the various other husk tools on the market, the KOKO comes equipped with a wise chipset, namely the Uwell Bein Chip. That indicates your KOKO skin gadget has the same safety and security functions as a full-sized mod, consisting of short-circuit, reduced power, and also over vape protections.

The something I believe Uwell screwed upon with the KOKO is the charger port positioning. There’s a miniature USB port on the bottom corner of the gadget, so you can’t bill the sheathing without having it remaining on its side. Which I’ll totally confess, as far as troubles go, that’s even more of a strange user choice that I have while billing devices than a significant issue with that gadget.

The Judgment

While I am starting to get a little sick of shell devices, I assume we’ve seen more than 50 different devices launch in the past 12 months, the Uwell Caliburn KOKO comes as an appropriate upgrade to me. It’s well built and well made, including a wonderful strong lanyard and cross-device compatibility with the Caliburn Pods. Given that it comes with the Caliburn skins you already know the taste is gonna be great, as well as the pods last concerning 1.5 to 2 weeks so it’s fairly economical as for the capsule cartridges go.

I really like the wearable lanyard, as gimmicky as it is, as well as the portable style that makes it easy to bring in a pocket if lanyards aren’t your point. The abundant shades and refined logo designs seem to predict an air of confidence for this device, almost like an apple item. I assume it’s an excellent appearance and also it goes a long way towards making this little pod appear like a modern wise device.

Check out the Uwell Caliburn KOKO if you’re in the state of mind for a brand-new pod gadget as well as you want something that’s a little bit more well built than the competition!

Previously Uwell just released the new Caliburn G with replaceable coils, and we have a comparison between the Caliburn G and also the initial Caliburn. Currently, they updated the Caliburn Koko to the new Caliburn Koko Prime with the Caliburn G exchangeable coils. Except for the changeable coils, allow’s see various other upgrades in this message.

Both products coincide in the listed below points: 2ml case capability, leading dental filling, overall & draw-activated colors.


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The new Koko Prime is somewhat larger in dimension yet comes with a larger battery capacity than the original Koko. And the Koko Prime coil resistances are lower. Larger battery capacity & reduced coil resistance permit the Koko Prime to have a higher power level outcome.

The replaceable coils will certainly conserve cash, while you may spend this saved cash on the exchangeable vivid panels of Koko Prime.

Another enhancement is the USB C billing port, its 2020, USB C must be a common arrangement for all vape gadgets.

Will you update your Caliburn Koko to the new Koko Prime? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

The Caliburn KOKO is coming out on the heels of a couple of mini-square style capsule tools that beat it to market. Unlike some of the other square cases, the KOKO hull package comes with a shiny metal chain to attach to your skin. The taste coming out of these shells is great, I would certainly say it’s way much better than the SMOK Trinity Alpha which was my pick for the ideal pod gadget a few months back. While I am beginning to obtain a little exhausted of sheathing gadgets, I think we’ve seen well over 50 various tools launch in the past 12 months, the Uwell Caliburn KOKO comes as an acceptable upgrade to me. Since it comes with the Caliburn hulls you already understand the taste is gonna be wonderful, as well as the shucks last about 1.5 to 2 weeks so it’s relatively cost-effective as far as the sheath cartridges go.