Wotofo Air Blower Kits

The Wotofo Pro Vaporizer has proven to be one of the best selling vaporizers on the market today. The Wotofo Pro RDA is a remarkable breakthrough in vaporizer design and performance. Many users have come back to the Wotofo Pro because they love the Pro’s simple and easy to use features and how it allows for exceptional vapor flavor production. But what makes Wotofo stand out from the crowd?

Unique Features & Performance: The Wotofo Pro features a two unique heating elements that are extremely effective at maximizing your vapor production. The Wotofo Pro mesh coil is placed inside the tank and allows for optimal air flow through the two heating elements. The Wotofo Pro is one of few products on the market that has this dual heating element system. The results produced by the Wotofo Pro are incredible and many vapers have raved about its performance.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo Wires: The Wotofo Wires is made of a durable wire that utilizes the most advanced nexmesh technology to provide you with the highest quality coils available. Wotofo uses advanced ceramic material for their wires to ensure that the coils are long lasting and are free of mechanical issues. Wotofo has a reputation for being the top seller in the market for its dual Wires that are capable of producing the absolute best results for every vaper. The Wotofo Wires is also extremely durable and can withstand extreme wattage levels without getting damaged.

Wotofo Quartz: Wotofo uses the innovative quartz-based technology to produce unbelievable currents. The Wotofo Quartz Vibrator is capable of producing unbelievable currents, especially when used in the Wotofo Pro Series. Wotofo Quartz has an advantage over most other devices in the market because it has the ability to regulate itself in line with the changes in temperature. If the device gets too hot, the Wotofo Quartz will automatically shut down until the temperature is back to normal.

Wotofo Pro Series: Wotofo Pro Series is the perfect example of how a dual voltage device can be produced while using low resistance. This series is known for the incredibly low resistance that it produces. This ensures that the users enjoy the utmost compatibility with most of the popular devices in the market such as the Vapors and the Vaporizer. One of the greatest features of Wotofo Pro Series is that it also works perfectly in conjunction with Wotofo’s other products such as the Vibrator and the Dual Mesh Coils.

Wotofo Pro Series: With the Wotofo Pro Series you are guaranteed a smooth experience even if the temperature is extremely low. One of the greatest features of this series is that it also incorporates a mesh ventilation system. The mesh structure helps to evenly distribute the heat that the device generates. If the mesh structure is not adjustable then the users can simply increase the side air vent and this will help to distribute the heat more evenly.

Wotofo Pro Deck: This deck is considered to be the perfect solution for the amateur vaper. Since the Wotofo Pro Deck is very easy to install it can also be considered as a great starter kit for the newbie. Since the Wotofo Pro Deck comes with a mesh cover it provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to improve their skill at crafting clouds. The adjustable airflow also helps to regulate the vapor production in the deck thus providing a good amount of control over the temperature.

Wotofo Carbonated Deck: Another amazing product from Wotofo is their carbonated deck. The Wotofo Carbonated Deck is another amazing option to create clouds. The reason why the Wotofo Carbonated Deck is so popular is because it is a great option for people who are new to the craft of building clouds. If you have ever tried to build a cloud using standard methods you will know how frustrating it can be, the old methods just do not work as well as the new method. Wotofo’s Carbonated Deck is very easy to use and is compatible with most vapor kits on the market. The adjustable mesh side airflow helps to evenly distribute the hot air produced by the device and the mesh cover doubles up as a cooler to keep your drinks cold.