Wotofo Niche Tank Guide

Wotofo is the top-selling electronic product from Wotofo. Wotofo has been around since 1998 offering top quality Bluetooth enabled lip balm and tooth brush with advanced tooth whitening technologies. They are an excellent product with low cost for a quality product. Wotofo offers two types of products; the Wotofo Profile RDA and Wotofo Profile PS.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo Profile RDA is Wotofo’s lowest priced of their whole lineup. This is a rechargeable battery powered device that can be used to recharge the woof prebuilt coils. A plug is included that allows you to attach the Wotofo Profile RDA to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet. Battery life is about four to five hours depending on usage. Wotofo also offer extended battery warranties for an extra cost on top of the warranty protection. They have built in voltage protection which protects the batteries from over charging and over discharge.

Wotofo Profile PS is their newest model of products that offers users a lot more functionality than the Wotofo RDA. Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA has a rechargeable battery as well as built in voltage protection. It comes in two different sizes, one is for a compact-sized model and another one is larger and for a larger area. Wotofo Profile RDA is equipped with double headphone jacks that allow users to listen to music while they charge their coils. The PS Dual Mesh RDA is compatible with the new vaper switching devices.

Wotofo, like most manufactures offers its own variety of starter kits and tanks. You can find starter kits that include preloaded woof coils. It is also very easy to build your own personal system without the hassle of buying preloaded coils. Wotofo offers their own exclusive kit that has preloaded coils and connectors. This kit along with the Wotofo Profile PS allows you to build a system that meets your personal preference in both functions and style.

Wotofo’s nexmesh Clapton mesh coil is another unique feature. This heater system is made of high quality Wotofo nexmesh that is a good conductor of heat. Wotofo has designed their heating core to be a little larger than standard heating elements to give you more coils for more efficient heat transfer. The Wotofo Clapton meshes coil has been double checked for quality and has passed their quality control standards. Wotofo has designed this heater core to work with all kinds of batteries including the latest li-ion battery types.

With the Wotofo NeXmesh Clapton Mesh Coils, users are able to choose a resistance level that is perfect for any specific use. They offer four different power ranges from low which will provide adequate heating for most of the home, medium which give you the ability to use it on electric outlets, and high which will give you more control over the wattage output and more continuous power to use as needed. One great benefit of using a dual voltage model is you will be able to use two separate sets of batteries to operate both the heating core and the dual voltage coils to provide the necessary power for the desired application.

Wotofo has also designed the Wotofo Profile Mesh Coils to have a unique channel that allows heat to be conducted efficiently. The Wotofo Profile Mesh Coils comes with a unique channel that is a tight coupled with an open weave design. This allows for Wotofo’s unique Temperature Balanced Current (TCC), which is the company’s promise for their series of TC devices. Many of Wotofo’s other products including their lineup of single battery handheld compressors and systems come with the same Climate Balancing System.

Wotofo also offers their Wotofo NeXmesh tank along with their two voltage products. The Wotofo NeXmesh tank is a great addition to any electronic device. It is a tank that allows you to have an atomizer or a clearomizer with a built in ceramic plate. The Wotofo NeXmesh tank has two holes in the top that allow you to place the atomizer and the clearomizer together with ease.