Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA Review

Wotofo Profile PS

The Wotofo Profile PS RDA is an easy-to-use, dual mesh-dripper RDA with a 3ml juice well and standard and squonk pins. The profile has a top-quality mesh and a side airflow control ring for precise airflow control. It is available in a variety of color choices including blue, black, rainbow, and gunmetal.

The Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA has an adjustable side airflow that helps keep the e-liquid balanced. It comes with a Wotofo WPC Refill System, which ensures convenience and quality. It is also compatible with mesh and dual rack systems. Besides, the Wotofo Profile PS dual mesh RDA is also compatible with squonk mods.

The Profile PS RDA is equipped with knurling on the top cap. This makes it easier to turn. Previously, the top cap was difficult to turn. There are three airflow slots on the barrel, with the middle slot being wider than the top and bottom slots. These slots help to regulate the airflow, which can be adjusted by rotating the top cap. You may want to keep the airflow settings a bit wider than normal to avoid the risk of burning.

The Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA features a honeycomb design and adjustable side airflow. It also has a squonk-ready pin and 3ml juice capacity. With all these features, you’ll have a unique experience with the Wotofo Profile PS RDA.

Wotofo collaborated with MrJustRight1 to make this dual mesh RDA. This dual mesh RDA is ideal for those who love customisation and fantastic flavour. The dual mesh RDA also allows you to convert a parallel deck into a series deck. It also allows you to change the resistance of the coils.

The dual mesh coils on the Wotofo Profile PS RDA have a 0.3 ohm mesh resistance. In series, it translates to 0.15ohm, which is double the resistance of a single coil. In parallel, it’s almost four times higher, which is very convenient for users who use single batteries.

The Wotofo Profile PS features a unique design, which allows you to change from a series to a parallel configuration without rewiring. You can also switch between the two modes by changing the two side airflow pins. You simply have to remove the “sleeve” pin on the bottom of the deck, insert the “series” pin, and your Profile PS is now set to switch between the two modes.