Dead Rabbit RDA Review

dead rabbit rda

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a top-quality, 0.4ohm dual-clapton-coil sub-ohm rebuildable cigarette that features four posts. Each post has a single terminal. The positive and negative posts are made of gold-plated steel. The deck is made of PEEK-insulated glass, and is fully elevated. The drip tip is 2.5mm in diameter and secured with hex-head screws. The 510 adapter is provided for easy drip tip mounting.

Dead Rabbit V2 RDA features raised rabbit ears, which allow you to create a larger space for coil leg placement. The juice well is deeper than the previous version, which allows for maximum leak resistance. The 510 adapter makes it easy to change the coils. The drip tip is adjustable and provides the perfect airflow. The dual-slot design also features a barrel lock, so you can easily adjust the airflow direction.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is easy to build on. The bottom and top terminals are made of thin wire, making it easier to trim excess wire. The drip deck is easy to use and has adjustable airflow. The 510 threads are adjustable, which makes it easy to set the desired resistance for a particular flavor. The Dead Rabbit also features a two-slot configuration. In addition to a single-slot design, the Dead Rabbit RDA can be set up to be used in dual-slot modes.

A Dead Rabbit RDA is one of the most popular rebuildable drip atomizers on the market. Its squonk pin is a welcome addition, and the top-slanted airflow is easy to control. The top-side ridge can be adjusted to accommodate different coils, and the drip airflow is easily adjusted for the best flavor. If you don’t have a 510-squonk setup, Dead Rabbit RDA will help you with that.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a top-notch flavor-bombing RDA that uses the newest technology in coil-building. Aside from its unique design, the Dead Rabbit RDA is also incredibly customizable. By using a BF pin, you can easily turn your RDA into a squonker with a 510 drip tip. It has been the favorite of many serious vapers since its release, and is a great choice for advanced and beginner vapers alike.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is one of the easiest to build. With its top terminal build deck, you can simply drop the leads into place. After adjusting the airflow to the bottom terminals, you can cut the wire with a thin wire cutter. You can also adjust the airflow between the two slots to achieve the perfect flavor for both of them. This squonker-friendly RDA is an excellent choice for any vaper.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a 24-mm, stainless steel RDA that was designed by Hellvape and YouTube vaping personality Heathen. It features a 510 squonk pin and a two-post build deck. Its top terminal is located on the top of the tank. The bottom terminal is a removable piece for removing the coil. The bottom terminal is made of solid stainless steel.

Wotofo Kits Review

The name Wotofo is synonymous with quality electronic cigarettes. The company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality RDAs, RTA tanks, Sub-ohm tanks, and Box Mods. You can purchase Wotofo products wholesale online at They offer a variety of different products to suit every vaper’s needs. These coils are available in a wide variety of colors and can last anywhere from four to eight weeks.


The Mega Wotofo disposable vaporizer kit comes with a battery life of over a hundred and eighty minutes. It features a 5mL juice capacity and uses a 1.6 ohm wire coil. The device is 105mm x 20mm and comes packaged in a vacuum package. The bottom of the device is printed with the Wotofo logo and a description of the product.

Each Wotofo kit contains a variety of different items to customize the kit. The Wotofo D11 Disposable Vape Kit has a non-chargeable 400mAh internal battery and 2.2ml of e-juice. The D11 is good for up to 800 puffs and has uniquely formulated, naturally flavored e-liquids. Each coil is made from premium materials and is 1.8ohm thick for optimal vapor production. Its 1.8 ohm wire coils provide a clean and smooth taste.

The Wotofo Profile Mod is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality vape juice. It stores 7mL of vape juice. A full bottle should last for a while without recharging. The manufacturer doesn’t provide details on how to refill the bottle, but you must remove the battery in order to add vape juice. A wicking system is also a nice touch. The profile mod is not as prone to dry hits as other mods, but you can be assured that the wicking system will keep the vapor in place.

The WOTOFO line of products is a popular option among vapers. The company produces RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs. Its RDAs are known for excellent flavor and great build quality. You can find Wotofo products at Vapeciga. Its branded products are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They also sell accessories for the DIY vaper. The newest RDTAs come with built-in LEDs, which allows you to change the color of the tank.

The Wotofo tool kit is a compact set of high-quality tools that is useful for atomiser rebuilding. It is ideal for use with both standard and rebuildable vape tanks. It includes seven-piece tool kits, stainless steel scissors, and a Tungsten reinforced wire cutter. A polishing cloth is included in the set. The tool kit comes with a variety of accessories that make the entire vape experience even better.

The Wotofo SMRT has a 2000mAh rechargeable battery. It can last for a day of heavy usage using a 40-50W adapter. Its high resistance coils are designed for the highest wattages, so it is recommended for heavy vapers. Its SMRT has a larger capacity and is compatible with most types of atomizers. The SMRT is a versatile vape pen.